We understand building a business is tough and keeping it growing is a challenge. Too many decisions, too many issues, too little time. Not enough capital. But money is only part of the equation. Business success requires execution of a well developed business plan, the right people, attractive market opportunities and naturally enough capital to make it all happen.

Most traditional investment companies provide money, offer limited guidance at the beginning, and then move on to their next project. Consultants or advisors, on the other hand, are fee based or transaction orientated. We are a different type of investment group. Not only do we invest our own capital, we become a committed partner that gives you the real help that you need.

Financial Engineering

It is in everyone's best interest for management to focus on operating and growing their business, instead of worrying about financing their operations. By directly working with our investee companies we significantly reduce the difficulties, uncertainties and management time required to prepare and secure equity and/or debt financings.

  • We help design, develop and negotiate appropriate financial structures.
  • We assist management prepare information packages and presentations in a manner that clearly address investors' and lenders' concerns and issues.
  • We understand the different investor and lender types and their varying objectives and risk appetites.
  • Our involvement adds credibility to your business plan and inspires confidence in investors and lenders.
  • We have extensive contacts and experience in the financial community.
  • We assist with the design, negotiation and implementation of partial or total exit strategies for key shareholders.
  • We have an established reputation of getting the job done.
Types of Investments

Capital may be required for a variety of reasons including:

  • Owner looking to divest all or substantially all of their business
  • Rapidly growing businesses seeking equity to fund internal growth.
  • Strategic acquisitions or expanded product/service offerings.
  • Family-owned businesses in need of capital to smooth generational transfer issues.
  • Traditional management led buyouts of private companies or divisions of larger companies.
  • Divestitures or spin-offs of larger companies.

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